Monday, January 21, 2019
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eSports Betting

Find the Best eSports Betting Websites in Korea

e-sports is the fastest growing sports in the world with an audience of 400 million people around the globe. Furthermore, it is also has a very large following in the online gambling world because of its popularity in South Korea, China, the United States and many other countries.  Thus, will give the you best websites for eSports Betting in Korea

e-Sports betting may seem different than betting on sports but overall, they are very similar.  This is because e-sports is an actual sport thus, the e-sports odds are in the same format.  Even though betting on e-sports tend to attract a younger demographic, older bettors are starting to enjoy it.

Our list of eSports betting website is only includes the best online companies in the world.  This is because we only want to list trustworthy companies that offer good odd, promotions, security and reliable cash-outs. In addition, all e-Sports gambling websites on our list have been reviewed by our gambling experts to ensure safe betting.

List of the Best e-Sports Betting Websites – is one of the pioneer in e-Sports Betting.  This is because are one of the first online sportsbook to offer betting on eSports.  Furthermore, they offer e-Sports odds on most major e-Sports tournaments around the world.

Even though offers their gambling services in various languages, they do not offer it in Korean.  Thus, in order to bet on e-Sports with this sportsbook, it will have to be done in English.  However, several Koreans still use their services because of their easy to use and understand sports betting software.

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Unfortunately, at the moment SportsToto and SportsProto do not offer eSports betting. We have heard that KIBET is considering e-Sports wagering in the future.